Our Evolve & Revolve decking looks amazing and uses recycled 100% HDPE sourced from recycled plastics such as milk containers and the like, to provide a durable & environmentally responsible decking solutions.

Altiform’s initial drive and research into sustainable batten and decking alternatives,  came from our want to find a suitable alternative option to the timber battens on our furniture, as we wanted to have the option to offer an environmentally responsible and maintenance free alternative.

After reviewing a large number of varied samples from prospective suppliers around the world, we found that most products on offer  contained large amounts of organic material such as wood fibre, and was considered unacceptable as it would absorb water, swell and crack, resulting in mould growth and staining from fats, oils and general spills.

Altiform EVOLVE and REVOLVE Decking has proven to have the advantage over wood/composite alternatives, as it is solid HDPE it can be high pressure washed, is not affected if submerged in water, is impervious to spills and stains, and provides the reliability and longevity we expect from our products, looking great for years to come.

The first of Altiform EVOLVE decks was installed at Ocean Keys Boulevard, in Clarkson WA in 2004, with many more decks installed all over Australia since, using the recycled 100% HDPE plastic decking and achieving amazing results, with EVOLVE proving itself time and time again.

EVOLVE decking has been utilised in the USA for over 25 years and offers and embossed surface finish and a solid colour throughout the boards. With over 30 colours available, from traditional neutrals to quirky brights, Evolve doesn’t pretend to be timber and as such, does not resemble timber.

REVOLVE decking is much newer to the market and offers a more wood like appearance, all while offering the same advantages of Evolve. REVOLVE  combines both an embossed and textured surface finish with darker grain detail randomly featured over the length of the board to give that natural look.