Project Name
Circular Arbor Shelter

Landscape Architect

Landscape Contractor
Environmental Industries

Peet & Co

Local Government Authority
City of Rockingham

Project Completed
Aug 2015

Products Included
Altiform custom time tunnel shelter, Altiform Custom bar stools, balustrade, Altiform custom cantilever shelter, Christie Barbecues


Featuring at an elevated lookout in the secondary dunes in the Golden Bay development, the circular arbor shelter is a sculptural landmark piece designed with Landscape Architect’s from EPCAD.

The design process involved working directly with the Landscape Architects at EPCAD from their initial concept drawings, refining the design as the detail progressed to achieve the unique sculptural form using available section sizes and fabrication methods.

The lightweight, powdercoated aluminium structure consisting of multiple curved arbours, was constructed in segments and assembled onsite due to restricted access to the lookout. The structure features perforated mesh segments providing some dappled shade, accentuating the curved arbors and framing the picturesque ocean view.

Making the most of the outlook, the lookout includes a collection of sculptural aluminium bar stools with Merbau timber inset, which were conceptually designed by the Landscape Architect and manufactured by Altiform, along with the balustrade encompassing the lookout.

A second shelter design designed by the Landscape Architects and manufactured by Altiform, is incorporated in the public open space at the base of the lookout, which includes the play components and picnic facilities. Nestled amongst the protected coastal vegetation, the aluminium shelter structure which also features in more recent stages of the Golden Bay subdivision, incorporates a simple cantilevered structure, powdercoated uprights, and a combination of louvres, perforated sheet segments and colorbond sheeting to shade the picnic settings below.

Altiform can assist with the specifications, detailed drawings and structural certification for custom shelters, providing a more streamlined process which can often result in more time efficient and cost effective construction methods. If we can assist with any advice or custom shelter designs, please feel free to give us a call.

'Featuring at an elevated lookout in the secondary dunes.... the circular arbor shelter is a sculptural landmark piece designed with Landscape Architect's from EPCAD.'